Welcome to Musa’s Slaughterhouse

Since 1989 Musa has grown his reputation as the pioneer of custom slaughter catering to the halal, kosher and custom consumer. Ensuring the selection of live stock, Musa personally traveled from state to state hand selecting each animal prior to arrival in the slaughter plant.

We are not a typical butcher shop.
3 businesses in one roof, butcher shop, federally inspected plant where they slaughter and distribute to butcher shops all over, custom slaughter, we carry livestock different types of poultry, chicken, rabbits, ducks, beef, have them slaughtered according to how they want. Plucked cleaned the way they way. Hundreds of butcher shops around tampa but we do much more. We package the way you want.

Thanksgiving and Christmas, come in select your turkey, chicken and get it slaughtered and packaged. 100% hand slaughtered. No chemical added. Cut pluck and package.

Due to consumer demand, Musa decided to expand to a federal plant that is capable of meeting the expanding halal, kosher and custom style slaughter. Musa slaughterhouse will be one of a very few slaughter plants that is able to provide hand slaughtered meat on a large scale that is capable of meeting each growing demand.

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